The Dome 2002 1988-2022: 34 years of making "saving energy" a lifestyle

                                        Welcome to The Dome


Welcome to the dome-home, a twenty sided solar house built on a 9 foot kicker wall (cordwood construction), composed of the trees that were growing on site, and topped with a geodesic dome.



Al Gore has also been a champion of the green movement and his movie "An Inconvenient Truth" is very convincing. I feel inspired and rejuvenated to pursue more projects. Stay tuned.

 The dome home is a twenty-sided, 4 frequency, geodesic,  solar house built in the tradition of Buckminster Fuller. Now that the green movement has taken hold in this country, I feel my project is way ahead of the curve. 

Influenced by the gas shortage of the 70s this science teacher took his "Yankee ingenuity" and built a home-made solar house. I've been living in it for 20 years now and still improving it. Meanwhile the solar industry has developed more and more photo-voltaics and although I have had a few experts over to the project they seem to be out of reach for this "voluntary poverty" builder.

Located just 30 miles north of N.Y. city, it is an ideal example of what can be accomplished by the average citizen on a below average salary (less than $20k/year). While our president fosters shopping, I, Brian Cullen, encourage "victory garden" philosophy.